About us

Fierce 2.0

a private, personalized training facility located in Buffalo, New York that specializes in fat loss and lean muscle gain.

Change your life, not just your body

Our Mission

As our mission statement says, Fierce 2.0 was created to change lives – not just bodies. Our community of satisfied clients know this to be true and thanks to their success, Fierce 2.0 has earned a reputation unmatched by other gyms in the area. It all started from humble beginnings in 1999, when founder Giovanni Preziuso began working as a personal coach. When he started out, Giovanni traveled to clients throughout the Buffalo area. In 2004, Fierce 2.0 was formally established to offer a different kind of training experience and atmosphere – and we’ve been growing ever since.





We are proud to be voted top 10 gyms/training systems in the country and “Coolest Gym” by BodyBuilding.com.

About the space

Fierce 2.0, previously known as Fierce Fitness, has been around since 2003 for coaching clients only. 

We have recently relocated, and are now located at 2495 Main St #413, Buffalo, NY 14214, joining forces with Reps Fitness. The new location has over 100 free off-street parking spot, full locker rooms, full cardio decks, free weights, full Icarian classic strength equipment (USA made), full line up of hammer strength leverage equipment… and much much more!

At our new location, we even have a state-of-the-art quantitative data device for measuring body fat and dialing in the nutritional health component of achieving a lean and healthy physique, called Inbody. This machine adds another layer of accountability for our clients to achieve their results! 

What's it like working OUT at fierce 2.0?

If you are interested in careers at Fierce 2.0, please call or e-mail us. By design, we limit the number of memberships available, so you will not find yourself in a crowded gym or waiting for the attention of a trainer or piece of equipment

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