Our Method

The F1 Fitness Training Method

Fierce 2.0 uses the F1 Method to achieve optimum fitness results.  The F1 Method is a neuromuscular approach to weight loss and lean muscle gain. It focuses on correcting the individual’s musculature imbalances while addressing his/her fat loss and lean muscle gain goals. This is done in a multi-phase approach, making sure your body is functioning properly before moving to more advanced exercises and routines. Each phase in your personalized fitness program lasts 4 to 6 weeks; however, we do not move members to the next phase until their bodies and minds are ready.

OUr Process

The first step in your life-changing experience is to better understand your body and goals. To do this, you are provided a functional movement assessment, functional strength assessment, InBody assessment, and S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting assessment. This is done at the start, between phase 2 and 3, and before recalibrating your next program.

Phase two focuses on utilizing the results of our assessments to address any issues that may have been uncovered. The exercises in phase two are centered around mobility, to help build strength in stabilizer muscles, tendons, and the smaller muscle fibers.

This phase is crucial for all individuals no matter their goals as it prepares them for the higher demands of training seen in phases 2-5. This phase of training focuses on: increasing stability and muscular endurance, improving flexibility, increasing neuromuscular efficiency of the core musculature, and improving inter-muscular/intra-muscular coordination.

This phase is a hybrid form of training that promotes increased stabilization endurance, hypertrophy, and strength. This form of training entails the use of superset techniques where a more stable exercise (such as a bench press) is immediately followed with a stabilization exercise with similar bio-mechanical motions (such as a standing cable chest press). Therefore, for every set of an exercise per body part, performed according to the acute variables, there are two exercises or two sets being performed. High amounts of volume can be generated in this phase of training.

This phase focuses on increasing the load placed upon the tissues of the body. Maximal intensity improves recruitment of more motor units, rate of force production, and motor unit synchronization. Maximal strength training has also been shown to help increase the benefits of forms of power training that are also within this phase. The power training (for members with power-specific goals) portion of this phase focuses on both high force and velocity to increase power. This is accomplished by super-setting a strength exercise with a power exercise for each body part.

At the end of the strength and power phase, we perform a re-assessment of your strength and mobility to then re-build the next set of phases, starting at phase 1 to prevent any injury and re-align your body for increased tempo and a new set of goals to achieve!



Over 80% of Americans are plagued by lower back pain daily. Engaging in a thorough assessment before beginning a training program is essential in eliminating pain from your workout program. On top of creating a pain-free program the F1 Method is proven to help you burn fat and stay lean. Because the fitness program is developed specifically for you, it reduces injury, corrects bad habits, and leads to an overall better way of living.


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