Taking a Scientific Approach to Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

When you are searching for gyms in Buffalo, NY or a personal trainer in Buffalo, you want to look for someone who takes a scientific approach to both weight loss and fat loss to ensure you attain the optimum results. At Fierce 2.0, we use the F1 Method to ensure our clients achieve their best possible fitness results. Based on proven scientific research, this neuromuscular approach to losing weight and gaining lean muscle centers on correcting musculature imbalances to realign your body.

What Science Says About Weight Loss and Lean Muscle Gain

Time and time again, science has proven that exercise is the key to losing weight, building muscle, and living an overall healthy life [1]. Simply put, starvation diets, diet pills and drinks, or anything that promises you will “lose 10 pounds in 1 day” do not work. It takes old fashioned hard work to get the results you really want.

Unfortunately, not just any exercise will do, especially for the more than 80% of Americans who suffer from chronic lower back pain on a daily basis. After all, if your workout routine is only making your pain worse, you are likely to give up before you can reap the rewards. This is where the F1 Method steps in.

The F1 Method gives our experienced personal trainers the ability to create a personalized workout routine that is not only free of pain, but also helps your body burn fat and stay lean.

How Does the F1 Method Work?

At Fierce 2.0, we complete a thorough health assessment before we ever begin to consider how you can most effectively accomplish your fitness goals. This involves a discussion about your goals, previous training and injuries, and overall health, as well as a Functional Movement Screen and a single repetition max test. While you perform basic movements, we will assess for any strength or muscular imbalances that need to be corrected in order to help you reach your goals. Finally, you will receive a Body Fat Analysis using “Inbody”, our state-of-the-art body fat testing machine.

Using all the information we have obtained, we will advise you on what corrective measures can be taken, while also creating a workout routine that includes goals that are both reasonable and realistic. The corrective exercises are designed to realign your body, which will allow you to safely transition to the strength, power, and metabolic training phases of our unique training program.

The Importance of Setting Realistic Fitness Goals

Studies have found that setting extreme fitness and weight loss goals tend to set people up for failure and disappointment [2]. At Fierce 2.0, we want you to succeed! In some cases, our coaches will set mini goals for your progress. Not only does this set you up for success, it also allows them to closely supervise your progress and assess for any potential changes or improvements that could be made to your routine.

A Look at What Science Says About Strength Training

A significant amount of research has gone into determining how important strength training is to any weight loss or general fitness program [3]. Here’s a quick look at what researchers have found. The more muscle you have, the more fat your body is able to burn when it is at rest. Strength training has been shown to increase your resting metabolic rate (RMR), which is responsible for burning as much as 60 to 70% of your daily caloric intake.

As an added bonus, strength training has been shown to protect your muscle mass and bone health, as well as help improve your body mechanics. For example, if you have poor balance, strength training can reduce your risk of falling by up to 40%, which will be particularly beneficial as you get older [5]. Based on how you performed in your assessments, the trainers at Fierce 2.0 will assist you in creating an appropriate strength training program that is specific to your goals.

At Fierce 2.0, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their fitness goals in a healthy manner based on actual scientific evidence. At times it won’t be easy, but we will continue to push and challenge you to build the best body possible. What are you waiting for?

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